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A trademark highlights the uniqueness of your business/organization by giving it an identity. Getting a trademark certificate makes your brand, mainly its name, logo, products, services, etc., stand out from the rest of your contemporaries. In simpler words, trademark registration reduces the risk of plagiarism, protects your services & investments, and creates a level of trust among your consumers as they can differentiate your offerings from others. It allows you to take legal action against others who duplicate your business ideas or use your products/services to promote theirs without giving you credit.

At Shivaay Corparate Solutions, we understand and respect that you have put your heart and soul into your organization. To ease your burden, we offer the best accounting, legal & regulatory compliance services in India so you can avoid violations and hefty penalties. This would help you focus your energies on the other major aspects of your business. We have the required experience and resources to help our clients manage legal compliances and regulatory compliances for partnership firms and different types of companies.

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Important FAQs

Yes, your trademark registration request can be rejected if your trademark request is confusing or matches a previously registered trademark. It can also be rejected if you have requested to trademark commonly used names, common words, and geographical locations, or it is likely to hurt the religious/cultural sentiments of the users.
You can still use the trademark if your product class is different unless the registered trademark is of a world-renowned, old brand like MacDonald.
It usually takes 1 to 3 months for the authorities to approve a trademark registration request.
Your trademark is still valid if it is in the name of the business owner and not the company. However, you should register it under the company name to avoid lengthy paperwork in case you decide to sell the company or transfer the ownership later.
A ™ symbol is an abbreviated superscript used to denote an unregistered trademark for goods. The ‘SM‘ symbol is similar to the ™ symbol, but is used to represent unregistered services. The Ⓡ symbol is used as a fully-protected registered trademark, which provides businesses the benefit of ownership.