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Every employed Indian citizen who earns a particular amount of money in a year has to file their income tax return to declare his/her earnings before the government. Following the launching of a new ITR web portal by the government, it has become much easier for professionals to file income tax returns online in India easily. However, the process being a seamless one, there are plenty of challenges one might encounter, if they aren’t familiar with the process of income tax efiling. E.g., there is a different ITR form (ranging from ITR 1-7) for different salaried individuals and each of them covers a different category. There are plenty of errors that you could make while online income tax return filing, like:

Who All Should File Income Tax Returns Online?

How Can Shivaay Corparate Solutions Smoothen The Income Tax Efiling Process For You?

Shivaay Corparate Solutions can help you file income tax returns online in India and avail all the benefits that come with e-filing of income tax, like:

What To Do When The ITR Due Date Is Extended?

If you are an individual falling under the taxable income bracket, you need to file income tax returns online in India by the last date (which is usually July 31 every year). Companies and institutions that are liable to pay taxes must finish their income tax efiling by September 30 every year. All the belated returns must be done by 31st March every year.

Important FAQs

You can still file the ITR online but you will have to pay a penalty for late filing. It would be Rs. 5000 (especially if the annual income doesn’t exceed the upper bracket of INR 5,00,000) if the ITR is filed before 31st December. In other cases, it could be up to Rs 10,000. The government may have the ITR due date extended under special circumstances, like in the case of the pandemic last year.
Even if you have sustained financial losses this year, you can still file income tax returns online and propose to carry forward the losses to the next financial year. However, you must remember to claim your losses before the ITR due date.
Yes, you should. You can attach Form16 to showcase the deduction of TDS. All the extra amount deducted will be refunded back to your account.

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