FSSAI Registration

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Are you planning to open a new food startup but don’t know how to complete legal formalities? Allow Shivaay Corparate Solutions, to smoothen the process of FSSAI registration for you.

Considering that food is both; one of the basic necessities and the source of pleasure in life, it is often seen as a profitable business venture by many. Consequently, several new food businesses crop up in India every year. As per the 2006 FSS Act (Food Safety and Standards Act), it is mandatory to get a FSSAI license before launching a new food business in India. FSSAI registration is a must for everyone operating in the food retail chain, at every stage, right from sourcing the ingredients locally or internationally (import) to manufacturing, cooking, packaging, testing, distribution, delivery, and final sale of food items in local or overseas locations (export).

FSSAI product approval is granted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, an autonomous central government body operating under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The body ensures that all food businesses and operators comply with the FSS Act, which necessitates that proper hygiene and checks are observed throughout the process to prevent food adulteration and sale of poor-quality, sub-standard food products to consumers. Food business operators fill the fssai registration form to obtain a fssai license number. It is unique for every business and displayed on the service provider’s products.

How Can A FSSAI License Consultant Help You?

A fssai license consultant helps business operators verify required documents prior to setting up a food business. According to the 2011 FSS Licensing & Registration Regulations, three types of  fssai licenses are granted to the food owners: Basic fssai license, State fssai license, or Central fssai license, based on the size of business and annual turnover.

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Different Types Of FSSAI Licenses Granted In India

Small food startups and businesses having an annual turnover of less than Rs. 12 lakhs are eligible for the basic FSSAI registration. They need to fill the FSSAI registration form A.

The medium-sized manufacturers, warehouses, retailers, marketers, transporters, etc., having an annual turnover between Rs. 12 lakh to 20 crores, should apply for the FSSAI state license

Large businesses having an annual turnover above 20 crores and involved in large-scale national or overseas distribution and delivery of food (like retailers working in railways, airports, seaports, or import/export segments) need to apply for the FSSAI central license. Business operators must fill the FSSAI registration form B to obtain a state or a central license.

The 14-digit fssai registration number is granted for a stipulated time period. Operators need to clear food inspections at regular intervals and pay the FSSAI license renewal fees to renew it before its expiry.

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Steps Involved In FSSAI Registration

  • Consultation & Initial Formalities

    Businesses can consult a FSSAI license consultant to verify the required documents and understand legal compliances.

  • Filling The FSSAI Registration Form

    Owners need to fill the relevant FSSAI application form, submit required documents, pay the FSSAI license fees, and resolve any queries of the government authorities to get the final FSSAI product approval. It’s better for business owners to go for FSSAI online registration process, as it is easier and time-savvy. You check your fssai license status online, while it is under processing.

  • Obtaining The FSSAI License Number

    After the application is approved, both the digital and hard copy of your unique FSSAI license is generated. It is delivered at your business location and needs to be displayed on all legal & official papers, products, websites, etc.

    Shivaay Corparate Solutions looks after the FSSAI online registration on behalf of business owners to ensure that they can focus on other important aspects of their business. Our experts have a thorough knowledge of food safety laws and procedures, which makes the process of FSSAI registration easy for the clients.

What Documents Are Needed For FSSAI Registration In India?

The documents required for obtaining the basic FSSAI license are:

To obtain a state or central FSSAI license, business owners must provide additional documents, like:

Important FAQs

It depends on the type of registration you’ve applied for. Our FSSAI license consultant will facilitate the process on your behalf, at affordable rates.
It will take around 2 to 7 days for the business owner to get their FSSAI license.
The FSSAI license is granted for 1 to 5 years in India. Business owners need to pay the stipulated FSSAI license renewal fees before its validity expires. You can check the FSSAI license status on the official website or contact your consultant for the same.
If business owners are operating multiple food businesses (like dairy, poultry, farming, etc.) at the same location then they need to obtain separate FSSAI licenses for each of them. For further queries, talk to our expert FSSAI license consultant today.